Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dr. Jones!

I have never really been an all out decorating, susie home maker kinda gal...but the boyfriend came from a family where even the tissue holders changed outfits during the holidays. So we hit every dollar store this year and actually pulled together some costumes and a party. I had so much fun, maybe I'll even try to bake a turkey this year.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

web of lies

Why is it always when I have no money, I compsensate by ridiculous compulsive purchases? A week ago, I was making a quick dash to Marshalls for cheap black frames. While I was making my way through carts with babies, I spotted something familiar. No, it can't be...could it be? I walked closer to inspect, and could not believe my eyes. A pair of Chloe 07 Cris boots in maroon sitting between some shoes clearly not as worthy. Don't get me wrong, I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx for its occasional good finds in pots, pans, and towels. But Chloes? It never crossed my mind. The boyfriend had fear in his eyes, fear that said:"I thought you promised, only picture frames." I pulled out my size, and ditched my Marc Jacobs mouse flats faster than you could say cheese. Trying them on and walking around were all just formalities. The minute I saw them, I knew I had to have them, I didn't care the dent they would make in my depleting bank account. The next day, I proudly strolled around the Grove in them, until I realized they were sliding off of my feet, and I was starting to look like those women who never seem to buy the right size of shoes. What could I do? Couldn't return them anymore...I did the next best thing, went back and bought the next size down. While the first pair sat in my closet, I wore the smaller ones out to dinner the next day. What seemed just slightly tight in the store, turned out to be painfully snug after an they have joined the first pair in the same closet. Oh, did I mention, the boyfriend has no idea I have two pairs now? So, they are both actually hiding in the closet. So, while I was debating about what to do with them, I decided to do some blog surfing...and came across the memo that Jeffrey Campbell has released a limited line of ACNE Atacoma wannabes. WHAT? The same ACNE I have searched for months, and can not find anywhere? It didn't help that I could not tell the difference between the ACNE and JC version. I made another dash to the closest LF store, and bought the last pair they had in my size (this time, they actually fit). They are now sitting with the Chloes in the closet, until I have to wear them. Of course, I will tell the boyfriend they didn't cost more than $50. Oh yeah, if you made it this far down, welcome to my first post!